Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 27th January (cont) – Tuesday 2nd February 1943

Jan 27-Feb 2

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Wednesday January 27

Day 662

… traveling to Jerusalem – passed through parts of Old City & around walls then onto Bethany – where Christ stayed with Mary & Martha on his visits to Jerusalem.  Continued to Dead Sea.  Jerusalem is 2800ft above sea level while Dead Sea is 1200 below so is 20 mile drop over 4000ft.   Hills between Jerusalem & Sea terribly barren.  Climate in depression very warm.  Had swim – queer sensation – simply cannot sink.  After lunch continued on to the River Jordan where Israelites forded the river and is also where Christ was baptised.  Visited three monasteries – Greek, Abyssinian & Syriac(?) then to Jericho – has three sites – the old around 3500 years – after centuries little is left.  The Roman Jericho & finally modern Jericho – Elisha’s Well.  Back to Jerusalem leaving for home again at 6.30PM.  Had supper half-way home returning to camp at 10.15PM.

For photos taken on this day, please click here and here.

Kitty Foyle (1940)
Kitty Foyle (1940)

Thursday January 28

Day 663

Raining hard in morning – trip to Persian Gardens & Stock Farm cancelled, far too wet.  Wrote then pictures at night – Ginger Roger’s in “Kitty Foyle”

Friday January 29

Day 664

Secret of Dr Kildare (1939)
Secret of Dr Kildare (1939)

Still raining hard – thunder & lightning terrific. Played cards during afternoon.  Secret of Dr Kildare at night.

Saturday January 30

Day 665

Several showers of heavy hail – cold enough to allow it to lie around an hour or so.  Grade B1 again.  Saw Joan Crawford in “A Woman’s Face”.

A Woman's Face (1941)
A Woman’s Face (1941)

Sunday January 31

Day 666

Weather the same.  Continued writing.  The Rage of Paris at night.

Monday February 1

Day 667

Still on fatigue – wrote & played cards most of day – then pictures & housie.

The Rage of Paris (1938)
The Rage of Paris (1938)

 Tuesday February 2

Day 668

Weather cleared – fine day.  Time becoming rather monotonous.  Housie & pictures “Tall, Dark and Handsome”.

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Tall, Dark & Handsome (1941)
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941)


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