Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday April 26th (cont.) – Monday April 28th 1941

27-28 April

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday April 22nd (cont.) – Saturday April 26th 1941

…out filled with fresh water.  When full had only about one foot free board(?) when full when empty about 6 ft.  Hundreds of these were tied along the shore.  Many big and small boats here.  Some natives very black.

Got paid 14 rupees = £1.1.0  Got identification docs and first(?) field dressings.

Colombo not lit up very well at night.

No leave that day.

Sunday April 27th

22nd Day

Got leave from 10AM-4PM. Had to be back for mess orderly at tea(?).  Sent letters.

Colombo dirtiest place ever seen.  Went ashore in ferries.  Marched to Echelon Barracks and dismissed.  Hundreds of natives about street.  Colombo Police look well.  Hats after style Aussie.   Many lovely coloured trees.  Flamboyant trees.  Hundreds of rickshaws all numbered and have bicycle bells.  Slave Island native quarters very filthy.  Heat terrific.   Hottest believed March to May.  All soil very red in colour after style of volcanic soil.  Very few Europeans.  Natives have little shops no bazaars.  Diffferent to what I expected.  All kind of ships in harbour, liners, tramp schooners, junks and sampans.

One Greek boat has been hit, great hole in starboard side of bow, one funnel missing.  Natives great beggars.  Hard to get rid of.  Give anything to one and dozens around immediately.  No native women about streets.  Had ride in rickshaw. Natives do you for anything if you don’t watch.  Bought Marg tablecloth all hand made.  3 1/2 rupees.  Went back on ship four o’clock.

Monday April 28th

23(rd) Day

Leave again 10AM-4PM Looked around town again.  Rained hard when going ashore got wet but was lovely.  No baths allowed on ship while in port.  Many ??? in harbour.  Natives chew beetle and look as if their mouths bleeding.  Bought stockings 3 rupees.  Only grey(?) & New Zealand money only 8 50(?) per £1

Sent Mima (or Mum?) some table napkins handmade.

Click here for diary entry for Monday 28th April (cont.) – Saturday May 3rd 1941



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