The maybe possible dog… who needs a name.

Possible Dog
Possible Dog

Every once in a while you see an article in the paper regarding some ridiculous name people have tried to, or successfully named their child.

Naming a child isn’t anything I’ve ever had to or will do.  However I have been responsible for naming of a new dog, cat, pet of some description.

While many would just pick the first name they think of, for us, picking the perfect name for the new arrival is vitally important.

It is their name, specially chosen for them and every bit as important as the furry being that its assigned to.

It is a name chosen with care and discussed amongst various family members.

  • Will it suit the animal?
  • Will it sound like another animals name?
  • What will it sound like when it’s called?
  • Is it too long or too short?
  • Do we know anyone with that name?

It also has to be a Disney name.

For some, the name is obvious as soon as you see or hold the animal.

For Celia, we had a short list of 3 names – instantly upon meeting her for the first time, I knew this was her name.

For Alice, we also had a short list, but this also was an easy choice, she just suited the name.

The cats, now Buster and Meeko, were renamed, with names that sounded like their previous ones.

Possible new dog, maybe coming this weekend, is currently called Ruby.   This is a perfectly fine name, but having lost our previous Ruby just last month, it doesn’t seem fair to reuse that name.  She cannot and will not be replacing the previously named Ruby, she is her own being with her own personality, likes and dislikes – she needs a new name, not for her but for us.

But this time, we are having real trouble picking a name.    The list this time is too long.  No one can agree on a name.  Perhaps when we see her in person and she becomes ours, that may help.

At the moment, she’s just a possible dog who belongs to someone else.

Maybe this time next week, I will introduce you to … ?


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