The never meant to be dog

Possible Dog
Possible Dog

All week we have been excited and planning to meet the maybe possible dog. Yesterday we drove all the way from Christchurch to Queenstown to pick her up.

We’d finally managed to short list 3 names and in a few short hours, this morning we were due to go and visit and unless something really unexpected happened, bring her home to become ours.

The unexpected happened…

She was run over by a car and killed last night while running off after chasing a rabbit.

I am grieving now for a dog I never met. One that was not meant to be mine.

Over the last few days, I kept reminding myself that until we had her in our car and were driving away she was not ours. In my heart I just felt like this wasn’t going to pan out, in some way or other.

So life will go on for us, I always said I would never have 3 dogs again and so this one was going to eventually be mostly Mum’s.

But the disappointment of what will now ever be and the sadness of the little life lost in a tragic and freak accident.



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