Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday July 21st (cont.) 1941 – Friday 25th July 1941

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday July 21st (cont.) 1941 - Friday 25th July 1941

Click here for diary entry for Monday July 14th 1941 – Monday July 21st 1941

… lovely swimming pool.  Diving board 40ft deepest and 27ft.  Running Track – Tennis Courts. Banana trees at one end.  ??? see Mena Hotel & Great Pyramids. Outside of grounds surrounded by sugar cane & cotton trees & Date palm.  Just an enjoyable day about.  Wonderful change in surrounding to desert by our camp.  Had a swim – lovely.  Pool surrounded by chairs and big coloured sunshades.  Left at 7.30pm – arrived in camp just at dark.

Tuesday July 22nd

108th Day

P.T 6.15.  Shower 6.30.  Parade 8AM.  Lectures of Bren.  Routine march 10.30-12.30. Parade 4.30-6.45.  Lecture on Tommy Gun.  No night manoeuvres.  Sent in film.

Wednesday July 23rd

109th Day

Lectures till 10.30 then routine march until 12.30.  Went on leave to Cairo.  Went by lorry for a ??? then train to Cairo.  Saw the Museum of Hygiene – some horrible sights.  Had a look at King _______ Palace.  Got some photos and Egyptian police nearly arrested me for doing so. Intended then to go to Citadel but couldn’t find the tram.  Had tea and left at 7.30PM  Picked up film at Helwan but did not turn out much good.  Light had got in so bought some postcards of Pyramids.  Arrived in camp 10PM.

Thursday July 24th

110th Day

Reveille 5.45.  PT 6.15.  Fatigues in cook house – 8AM – 11.30AM.  Rest of day my own.  Did washing.  Wrote to Mum.  Went down to Naafi at night fora while.

Friday July 25th

111th Day

Battalion parade 8AM.  Squad drill 8.30-10AM.  Routine march 10.30-11.30AM.  Paradise Park(?).  Pay parade at 4.30PM.  Went down to Naafi at night.  Received letters from Marg.

 Click here for entry for Saturday July 26th 1941 – Monday July 28th 1941



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