Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday July 14th 1941 – Monday July 21st 1941

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday July 14th 1941 - Monday July 21st 1941

Click here for diary entry for Monday July 7th 1941 – Sunday July 13th 1941

Monday 14th July

100th Day

Reveille at 4.30AM.  Breakfast at 5AM.  Paraded at 5.45AM.  Went out in desert to be inspected by General Freyberg.  Freyberg arrived at 7.30AM.  Did not inspect us very closely and had finished by 9.30AM.  Praised the Maori boys for their work in Crete.  Whole brigade parade 21st, 22nd, 23rd Maori Battalions.  ??? several pictures were taken.  Arrived back at Camp 10AM and had rest of morning off.  Paraded for cricket 4.30PM-5.45AM  Went to concert at YMCA.

Tuesday July 15th

101st Day

Battalion Parade Routine March to Canal from Nile.  Afternoon off. Night manoeuvres from 7 to 11PM.  Tough Day.

Wednesday July 16th

102nd Day

Battalion Parade.  Routine March. Did washing in afternoon.  Paraded 4.30 for soft ball to 5.45.  Shower.  Concert at YMCA.

Thursday July 17th

103rd Day

Battalion Parade.  Lectures on Tommy, Brens and Mortars.  No routine march.  Afternoon off after night manoeuvres.

Friday July 18th

104th Day

Battalion Parade.  Routine March.  Night manoeuvres.  Received two letters from Marg.  Also Truth(?) & Pip (?).

Saturday July 19th

105th Day

Battalion Parade.  No routine march.  Company for duty.  Did washing in afternoon & wrote to Rona (?) & Erin (?).

Played Housie-Housie (Bingo) at Naafi at night.

Sunday July 20th

106th Day

Church parade in morning.  Wrote in afternoon.  Went to sing song YMCA at night.

Monday July 21st

107th Day

Picnic Day.  Left camp in lorries at 7.45AM arrived 9AM.  Mena Sports Club…

Click here for entry for Monday July 21st (cont.) 1941 – Friday 25th July 1941




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