Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday July 7th 1941 – Sunday July 13th 1941

July 7 - July 13

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday July 1st 1941 (cont) – Sunday July 6th 1941

Monday July 7th

93rd Day

Paraded in morning.  Afternoon off.  Night manoeuvres after tea.  Practised Battalion for Brigadier Hargest.  Weather terrible.

Tuesday July 8th

94th Day

Weather very hot.  Paraded in morning.  None in afternoon.  Just layed in beds and sweated.  Takes all the energy out of you.

Wednesday July 9th

95th Day

Paraded as usual in morning then went out in the desert a bit for inspection by Brig. Hargest.  Tough standing in Battle Order for over 2 1/2 hours.  Fatigues in afternoon.  Went to pictures at night.  Shown free by YMCA only small screen.  3 more shows touring camps.  First night only ??? ???? – all shorts mostly of NZ.  Boys very pleased seeing their home land.  Lasted from 8.30 to 10PM. Lovely & cool sitting on sand.

Thursday July 10th

96th Day

Reveille 5.45AM PT 6.15-6.30 Shower.  Breakfast 7.30.  Paraded 8-10.  Battalion Squad Drill until 12.30.  No afternoon parade.

Friday July 11th

97th Day

Paraded as usual in morning.  Routine march.  Pay parade in afternoon.

Saturday July 12th

98th Day

Routine March.  Squad drill.  Rest of day off.  Went down to Helwan for a while then came back to other ??? to look for Keith.  Could not find him.  Arrived back in camp about 8PM.

Sunday July 13th

99th Day

Got all ready for church parade then the sergeant put our tent on guard for rest of day until reveille next morning.  Two hours of duty and four hours off.

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