Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday June 25th – Tuesday July 1st 1941

June 25 - July 1

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday June 17th (cont.) – Tuesday June 24th 1941 

Wednesday June 25th

81st Day

Had orders to leave Tura Caves (Masara).  Did not want to leave as we have had the easiest time there since joining army.  Went back to Maadi Camp.  Passed in Battle Dress ???.  1 pair boots.  Issued with ??? & pair hose ???, ???.

Thursday June 26th

82nd Day

Left Maadi Camp at 11 o’clock in morning.  Went in buses to Helwan then just past Helwan Camp to ???.  Are now in 23rd Rifle Batt. with second echelon boys.  George Smith & I still together.  George Samuel (?) in same tent as I.  Am told lots of other port boys are in Batt.

Friday June 27th

83rd Day

Reveille 6.30AM after night manoeuvres.   Breakfast 7.30AM. Parade 8.00AM.  Routine march 10.30 to 12.30.  Dinner 1PM.  Parade 4.30-5.30.  Night manoeuvres Tuesday & Thursday.


Saturday June 28th

84th Day

Reveille 5.45AM   Parade P.T 6.15-6.30 Showers.  Breakfast 7.30. Parade 8.  The Usual.  Wrote letters all afternoon over in YMCA tents.


Sunday June 29th

85th Day

Fatigues in Cook house in morning.  Met the Port boys.  Went down to Helwan and saw Japanese Gardens in afternoon with seven other Lyttelton fellows.  Took some snaps.  Flowers in garden started to die.  Had afternoon tea at Kiwi Club.

Monday June 30th

86th Day

Usual routine of drill and marches.

Weather very hot.

Tuesday July 1st

87th Day

Drill & routine march in morning.  Leave in afternoon.  Went to Pyramids to ???.  Pyramids are long way from camp took us over two hours…

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday July 1st 1941 (cont) – Sunday July 6th 1941



  1. Hi, great article – I have just come across my grandad’s diary from the same period, his name is George Samuel – maybe they shared a tent June 26th ?

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