Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday June 17th (cont.) – Tuesday June 24th 1941

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday June 17th (cont.) - Tuesday June 24th 1941

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… but was cancelled on account of B Coy moving back to Maadi & F Coy moving in. Had the twenty-four hours off so wasn’t so bad. Wrote letters.

Wednesday June 18th
74(th) Day

Usual routine guard. Wrote a letter. Munitions coming in all day.

Thursday June 19th
75(th) Day

Usual guard. Shots fired at night but false alarm. Bed bugs had their first taste of me. Enough munitions to blow up Cairo.

Friday June 20th
76(th) Day

Pay Day. Usual routine. Got my Bombay trousers shortened.

Saturday June 21st
77(th) Day

Received leave. Went into Cairo. Very lucky caught wog bus to station then Egyptian force truck to Maadi then army lorry into Cairo. Nice little trip. On way in passed many natives with carts loaded with watermelons. Must have been market day.
Saw Billy Gill again in New Zealand Club. Bought Marg pair stockings. Had photos taken took three minutes to develop – 6 ??? for 2 snaps. Left Cairo soon after five o’clock. Caught train to Maadi Station and caught an RAF lorry into camp.

Click here for for photos taken on this day.

Sunday June 22nd
78(th) Day

Usual day. Heard ??? Germany declaring war on Russia. Should do a lot of good to us.

Monday June 23rd
79(th) Day

Guard again. Inspection came round and one got passed without being ???.
Guard has to be ??? up ??? ???.

Tuesday June 24th
80(th) Day

Leave. Did not go to Cairo but stayed in camp and wrote. Received letter from Marg. Went up the hill at night. Could see the Italian camp at Helwan lit up with flood lights.

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