Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 25th January – Friday 30th January 1942


Jan 25-30

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday 20th January – Saturday 24th January 1942

Sunday January 25th

294th Day

Wise Girl (1937)
Wise Girl (1937)

Went on Delta Barrage Trip. Leaving Empire Service Club at 9.30AM – taken by taxi to Nile then boarded launch.  26 in party. Trip took 2 hours each way.  Saw many of Old Egypt irrigation system (water well with bullock).  Delta Barrage at fork(?) of blue & white Nile.  Rather disappointed in ??? (old fashioned).  Went through Museum of Models in which was the famous Aswan Dam (Upper Egypt). Grounds set out in lovely garden.  Could go over ??? by Donkey or Trolley.  Left Delta at 2.30PM.  Very cold trip to landing wharf.  Arriving back at Empire Club 4.30PM.  Had best meal of leave then to Empire Theatre seeing “Ray Milland” in “Wise Girl”.  Very good show.  Looked in on another cabaret then to Sydney House.

(note – photos taken during the Delta Barrage trip are here)

Monday January 26th

295th Day

Looked around city and did some shopping then met rest of boys. Took shower in NZ Club and off to pictures at 3.15PM seeing “Man behind the Mask”.  Visited New Star Bar then split up, 2 going to pictures others to cabaret.  Saw “Navy Blue & Gold“.

Tuesday January 27th

296th Day

Collected washing & packed up gear then out for last stroll around Cairo – spent rest of money on tobacco & NZ Club.  Had meal.  Met lorries at 1.15PM.  Finally left station at 2.45PM arriving in new camp at 6PM.  Now 12 in each tent.  Very dusty area.  Retired early.

Wednesday January 28th

297th Day

Back to old routine.  Battalion parade – drill.  Routine march.  Wrote at night.

Thursday January 29th

298th Day

Usual parade.  Hard sand storm blowing.  Visited mobile dentist in afternoon.  Wrote at night.

Friday January 30th

299th Day

Missed parade – had two? teeth filled.  Managed to have rest of day off.  Continued writing.

Click here for diary entry for Saturday 31st January – Wednesday 4th February 1942



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