Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 2nd August – Saturday 8th August 1942

Aug 2-8

Click here for entry for Saturday 25th July – Saturday 1st August 1942

Sunday August 2

Day 483

Boarded train at 8AM.  Pulled out at 9AM.  Travelled along canal arriving at Kantara at midday.  Carriages were taken across canal one at a time sideways on large barges.  Took several hours to bring whole train across and left Kantara East about 4 o’clock.  While daylight only passed through desert.  Arriving at ??? – 15 miles from Tel Aviv.  Detrained and proceeded to 12th General at Sarafand.

Monday August 3

Day 484

Arrived at Sarafand at 4PM.  Put into B Compound.  Tommy hospital for Kiwis here.  Palestinian ??? as orderlies.  Turks man grounds surrounding hospital.

Tuesday August 4

Day 485

Iti prisoners doing heavy orderly work – seem far better off than us.  Treatment good – food very poor.

Wednesday August 5

Day 486

Able to hobble around a little.  Hoping soon will get to Con Depot (Convalescent Depot).

Thursday August 6

Day 487

Treated as an up patient – able to go to the mess for meals.  Finding it rather awkward for bathing.

Friday August 7

Day 488

HO said moving me to Con (Convalescent) Depot tomorrow.  Saw Colonel during afternoon.  Pictures at night in Hospital Cinema.

Saturday August 8

Day 489

Left 12th General in morning heading for Kfar Vitkin, NZ Con Depot.  Enjoyable ride through the country passed many Yankee dromes.  Stopped at Netanya for drink – modern ??? on coast – then proceeded to Depot – roughly half way between Haifa – Tel Aviv.  Ideal spot for Con Camp – situated right on coast.  Con Camp full, over 1500 men here at present.  Met Tom (or Jim?) Shanks.

Click here for entry for Saturday 25th July – Saturday 1st August


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