Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday 25th July – Saturday 1st August 1942


July 25-Aug 1stClick here for entry for Sunday 19th July – Friday 24th July 1942

Saturday 25th July

Day 475

Flies unbearable – unable to get any rest for there swarms are forever circling around your head. Occassional artillery dual and tanks have a ??? otherwise rather quiet.  Both Jerry & us moving areas in front of area under cover of darkness.

Sunday 26th July

Day 476

Another sickening day for flies.  Occasionall shelling otherwise rather quiet.  Clothes are filthy not changed for three weeks.

Monday 27th July

Day 477

Just another day of flies and shells.

Tuesday 28th July

Day 478

Quite morning – heavily shelled at dusk.  Received wound in left leg.  Evacuated back to ADS (Advanced Dressing Station) where shrapnel was removed.  Then taken in Yankee ambulance to MDS (Main Dressing Station). Slept night through.

Wednesday 29th July

Day 479

Moved onto CCS (Casualty Clearing Station). Missed going to Cairo by plane on account of sandstorm so continued to ??? General (Hospital) at Alex(andria).  Received first decent wash for six weeks.  Hospital run by Navy.

Thursday 30th July

Day 480

Taken in hospital train to 27th at Tel-El-Kibar situated between Cairo & Ismailia.  Jewish refugees working wards.

Friday 31st July

Day 481

Leg getting much easier & rations very poor.  Feels quite nice laying in bed after the blue.

Saturday 1st August

Day 482

Wireless at night next to my bed – having great time tuning in.  Believe another shift in the morning to somewhere in Palestine.

The following extract from World War 2 Timelines website in order to put the above into perspective.

26/07/1942 An Australian attack at Alamein fails and the Eighth Army goes over to the defensive after taking 7,000 Axis prisoners. This concludes the first battle of El Alamein.


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