Christmas at Walt Disney World – The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

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If you are visiting Walt Disney World during the holiday season, one of the things that is a do not miss at Hollywood Studios Theme Park is the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Last year was rumoured to be it’s last, but it seems that its had a repreive and is back again this year.

With rumours running high that the area of the park they use for the Osborne Lights, the Streets of America,  will be overhauled into Star Wars Land, it seems likely that the Osborne Lights will be retired into history in the not too distant future.

Christmas music plays as the lights twinkle along and dance in time.  Snow falls (its fake, don’t eat it!).  It gets crowded through this area but it was spectacular when we visited!

Essentially the way the Osborne Lights came about was a family went just a tad overboard with their Christmas decorations. Once the neighbours started to complain and file lawsuits, Disney bought the lights and set them up at Hollywood Studios.

To see the lights, go now to WDW, lights come on at dusk at Hollywood Studios and admission is included with your park pass – there is no extra charge.  This year, the event started on November 7 and runs through to January 4, 2015.

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