Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 9th August – Monday 17th August 1942

Aug 9-17

Click here for entry for Sunday 2nd August – Saturday 8th August 1942

 Sunday August 9

Day 490

Went for medical inspection, graded B3 – excused all duties.  Food great after Tommies outfit but length of queues enourmous.  Camp has pictures, dry (general sundries store) and wet canteen (social club area where food and drinks can be purchased) and welfare hut.

Monday August 10

Day 491

Dressings at morning & night.  Sent cables to home.  Very little to do during daytime – spend most time in writing.  Jack Clark(?) in cookhouse, also met ???.

Tuesday August 11

Day 492

Wound looking great.  Walked down on beach and watch the swimmers – water looks lovely.  At night boys in tent raided grape vine yard, great feed of grapes & melons.  Pictures at night.

Wednesday August 12

Day 493

Before M.O. again – graded B3.  Received some mail from home.

Thursday August 13

Day 494

Spend most of day writing. Pictures at night.  Italian sailor washed ashore on beach.

Friday August 14

Day 495

Still getting leg dressed.  Down on beach most of day.  Boys raided vineyards.

Saturday August 15

Day 496

Time beginning to drag.  Little to do.  Should be able to swim soon.  Concert at night by Naafi (Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes) – very good show.  7 artists, 4 women & 3 men.

Sunday August 16

Day 497

Church parade in morning.  On beach all afternoon.  Pictures.

Monday August 17

Day 498

Before M.O. in afternoon.  Graded B2 able to go for a bathe now.

Click here for entry for Tuesday 18th August – Sunday 23rd August 1942



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