Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday August 3rd 1941 – Saturday August 9th 1941

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday August 3rd 1941 - Saturday August 9th 1941

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Sunday August 3rd

120th Day

Church parade in morning. Swam all afternoon.  Wrote at night.

Monday August 4th

121st Day

Swam before breakfast.  Battalion parade.  Routine march.  Went to pictures at night, saw “ The Case of the ???”.

Tuesday August 5th

122nd Day

Swam.  Battalion parade.  Routine March.  No afternoon parade.  Night manoeuvres.  Went out towards Sweet Water Canal.  Smeared ointment over all exposed parts – mosquitos.  First time we have used Bombay shorts down.  Out to nearly 12 o’clock.

Wednesday August 6th

123rd Day

Reveille at 5.45AM. Marched to Naval Base at Kabrit and crossed to Arabia in A.L.C (assault landing craft).  Practice invasion. Night manoeuvres again went ??? Suez Canal to Arabia and landed.  This time had to get our way through barb wire entanglements.  Returned to camp 11PM.

The King Steps Out
The King Steps Out

 Thursday August 7th

124th Day

Reveille at 6.30AM.  Battalion parade. Routine march.  Had wire cutting practice then swim.  Returned to camp.  Rest of day off.  Wrote in afternoon.  Pictures at night.  “The King Steps Out”.  Big air raid on Port Said and Ismalia hear bombs bursting for 2 or 3 hours.  Knocked Ismalia about.  Got letter from Keith.  Think he is camped just out Ismalia.

Friday  August 8th

125th Day

Ebb Tide

Fatigues in cook house.  Ration truck did not arrive until afternoon so did all my washing which was quite a lot.  Went to picture at night and saw “Ebb Tide”.  Bombers came over.

Saturday August 9th

126th Day

Reveille at 5AM.  Breakfast then marched to Kabrit.  Boarded A.L.C and were taken out to troop carrying boat “Glengyle”.

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HMS Glengyle
HMS Glengyle


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