Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday August 9th (cont.) 1941- Thursday August 14th 1941

August 9 - 14, 1941

Click here for diary entry for Sunday August 3rd 1941 – Saturday August 9th 1941

… at 9.30AM.  Glengyle anchored off town of Ismailia for balloon barrage (tethered air balloon) around all the ships anchored there.  Had practice invasion starting at 11AM.  Taken to Arabian side of canal and attacked imaginary aerodrome.  Terribly hot work digging in weapon pits.  Had swim 2pm then went back to Glengyle.  Had lovely concert at night given by sailors and soldiers.  Some very good talent.

Saw more barrage of balloons go up.  One got away.  Left Glengyle at 2AM Sunday for invasion.  Show went off OK. Very cold laying in desert in the early morning.  Returned to Kabrit in A.L.C then marched to camp.

Craig's Wife
Craig’s Wife

Sunday August 10th

127th Day

Had breakfast and slept all day.  Very tired after manoeuvres.  Went to pictures at night and saw “Craig’s Wife”.  Received Marg’s second parcel.

Monday August 11th

128th Day

Reveille 5.45.  Swim then breakfast. Battalion Parade.  Routine march.  Swim.  Dug in some tents at afternoon parade.  Wrote in YMCA at night until air raid stopped me.  All lights out.  Jerry dropping bombs very close.

Tuesday August 12th

129th Day

Swim.  Battalion Parade. Weapon training.  Swim. Organised rest in afternoon. Big manoeuvres at night.  Paraded at 7PM for blanks & dry rations.  5th Brigade went to Kabrit then crossed to Arabia for all night manoeuvres.  Very cold being on sand.  21st Battalion held aerodrome.  22 – 23 – 28 took aerodrome.  Stint finished 6AM.

Judge Hardy & Son
Judge Hardy & Son

Wednesday August 13th

130th Day

Returned to camp.  Breakfast. Morning off.  Cigarette parade in afternoon.  Saw Florian(?) at night.

Thursday August 14th

131st Day

Usual parades in morning.  All leave cancelled.  Pictures at night : “Judge Hardy & Son”.  Good show.

Click here for diary entry for Friday August 15th 1941 – Tuesday August 19th 1941



    • Thanks, it’s hard work but at least it’s then public, historical record and extended family can read it. As far as I know, I am the first to read this diary since he wrote it.

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