Karni Mata (rat temple) – Rajasthan, India

Around 30km from the city of Bikaner in Rajasthan, India is the unusual rat temple of Karni Mata.  Around 20,000 extremely well fed black rats call this temple home.  There are apparently a small number of white rats which are considered to be especially holy.

As with all temples, you need to remove your shoes before entering so I highly recommend a pair of throw away pair of socks to pop on and wet wipes and clean socks to put on when you leave.

This is not a good place to visit if you have a rodent phobia or a cleanliness fixation.

If on the other hand you like rats and unique temples, its a must see.  The silver doors in the last photo are apparently solid silver.

P1100624 P1100627 P1100629 P1100631 P1100632 P1100639 P1100640 P1100641 P1100642 P1100643 P1100644 P1100645


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