Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday 15th April – Tuesday 20th April 1943

Apr 15-20

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Thursday April 15

Day 740

This afternoon layed in sun – must begin to get some colour up.  Wrote in application for leave on next Thursday.  At night sisters & officiers held knowledge quiz.

Sweet Water Canal - Ismailia (unknown date)
Sweet Water Canal

Friday April 16

Day 741

Days rather monotonous – simply nothing to do in afternoons – stretched out in sun.  Attended concert at night given by Ack-Ack band from Maadi – up here for unit dance tomorrow evening.

Saturday April 17

Day 742

Usual morning being in bed until midday – afternoon match watched V.A.D.S play netball.  No1 GH vs No2 GH.  Later won 16-12.

Unit dance at night held in Men’s Mess.  Rather a success.  Good music by Ack-ack band.  Hall simply crowded – had several dances.  Free night off guard.

Sunday April 18

Day 743

Lovely day – sunbathed during afternoon and at night began on letters.

Monday April 19

Day 744

In afternoon took stroll over to Sweet Water Canal and sunbathed.  Returned and wrote.

Tuesday April 20

Day 745

Washed all clothes in preparation for leave but although is now getting close am not excited.

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