Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday May 17th – Friday May 23rd 1941

Saturday May 17th - Friday May 23rd

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Saturday May 17th

42nd Day

Cleaned up hut.  Got our rifles covered in grease.  Posted 4 letters Mum, Marg and Mrs Wootton.

German plane flew over camp at night.  No bombs.

Sunday May 18th

43rd Day

Fatigues in Officers Mess all day.  Blowing hard, sand over all clothes.

Canteen opened for 2 hours at night.  No lights at night.  Got to bed early.

Monday May 19th

44th Day

Revielle 5AM each day now.  T.O.E.T (test of elementary training) on desert outside camp.  Terribly hot.  Blowing hard all day.  Sand everywhere.

Tuesday May 20th

45th Day

Routine march in morning.  6.30AM-10.00

Hottest day ever experienced, temperature 119F in shade, 127F in sun.  Very hot.  Canteen opened for a while.

Wednesday May 21st

46th Day

Did picquet around camp for quarantine  Got our first ammunition given to us.  At night searchlights had practice in picking up on aeroplane.   When spotted search lights all converge looking like a star with plane as centre point.  Great sight to watch about 15 lights.

Thursday May 22nd

47th Day

Got shifted into different companies.  Most of No1 platoon. B Coy separated.  Lucky got with G A Smith, No5 Platoon F Coy.  Most straight in rest of platoon.  Still in quarantine.  Got letter from Keith.

Friday May 23rd

48th (Day)

Went on routine march in morning.  Saw Jack Parker.  Did not see me.  Weather very hot. 118F in shade.  126F in sun.

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