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Grandad's WWII Diary

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday May 24th – Thursday May 29th 1941

Saturday May 24th - Thursday May 29th 1941

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Saturday 24th

49th Day

Paraded in morning.  Had lecture in Cairo.  Drilled until 12AM.  Still in quarantine.

Sunday 25th

50th (Day)

Reveille at 7.  Church parade 8.40AM.

General view of the exterior of the YMCA at Maadi. Taken circa 1940 by an official photographer.

General view of the exterior of the YMCA at Maadi. Taken circa 1940 by an official photographer.

Quarantine lifted at noon.  Walked down to YMCA to find Keith (his brother).  Saw Jack Parker, told me Keith on duty.  Found Keith and went and talked to him while on duty.  He had been here eight weeks.  Was in 31st Auckland batt.  Met him again at night and had a good talk. Will try and get leave with me.  Gave him some tobacco.   Letter from Mum and Margaret.

Monday 26th

51st Day

Had shooting zeroing our rifles.  Routine march.  4-5.30PM.  Night manoeuvres 7.45-9.30PM.  Very tired.

Tuesday 27th

52nd Day

Routine march 6.30-10.  Paraded for swim at 4PM.  Swimming baths long way from our area.  Good hour march each way.  Lovely swimming baths all tiled.  Water warm with heat of sun.  Baths surrounded by lovely fir trees.  Marched through first shade of trees since arriving.  Passed more irrigated land by baths.  Three crops each year.  Letters from Mum, Mima and Marg.

Wednesday 28th

53rd (Day)

Watched demonstration given by platoon from school of instruction, squad drill.  Loading platoon truck and barb wire fencing.  Good work was done.   Got rest of our issued gear.  Free night.  Went to YMCA.  Saw Keith for about an hour.  Search lights practicing every night.  See some wonderful sights.

Thursday 29th

54th (Day)

Routine march in morning.  Night manoeuvres.  Weather very hot.

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