Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday October 14th 1941 – Wednesday October 22nd 1941

October 14-22, 1941

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Tuesday October 14th

192nd Day

Usual drill. Swim in afternoon.  Washed clothes.  Water ration cut in half.

Wednesday October 15th

193rd Day

Went to range shooting with Bren & Tommy.  Cleaned guns in afternoon.

Thursday October 16th

194th Day

Usual drill.  Company manoeuvres but cancelled due to sand storm.  Jerry bombed again at night.  Made terrible amount of noise, rather close.

Friday October 17th

195th Day

Started parade but again cancelled on account of sand storm.  See only few feet in front.  All gear smothered with layer of dust.  Continued all day.

Saturday October 18th

196th Day

Reveille at 4.30AM. Packed gear ready for shifting brigade manoeuvres over weekend.  Left camp at 8AM went 30 miles inland camping for night.

Sunday October 19th

197th Day

Marched on again for few hours then camped.  On guard.  Slept during afternoon.  ??? at ??? ???.  Moving again at night.

Monday October 20th

198th Day

Attack started 8 o’clock. Tanks in front then Infantry.  Show finished by noon.  Started for home arriving 5 o’clock.  Picked tents in old site.  Quiet night.

Banjo on my Knee (1936)
Banjo on my Knee (1936)

Tuesday October 21st

199th Day

Cleaning camp and rifle then taken in lorries for swim in afternoon.  Lovely surf – best that I have been in.  Wrote at night.

Wednesday October 22nd

200th Day

Day allotted to rest.  At night scrambled down to flat and saw pictures shown by YMCA.  “Banjo on my Knee”  Good show.  Dozens of our planes flying towards Libya.

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