Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday April 6 1941

Grandad's WWII Diary - Sunday April 6 1941

Sunday April 6 1941

1st Day

Farewell Burnham 630 hours.

3 Train loads to Lyttelton 1300 troops.

Left  Lyttelton 0830 hrs  – Wahine

Voyage excellent slept all day Mon tired

Sighted escorts off Wellington Heads

2 Australian ships Hobart & Perth Australian

Transports   Mauretania, Nieuw Amsterdam

Approx 36,000 tons each.

Disembarked Wahine embarked Mauretania

Cabin 6A – 3 Smiths, 2 Sillars, 1 Smallie

Was amazed  at the luxury of the ship.

Great appointments excellent conveniences.

Excellent meals opposite to Burnham.

Had a good look around ship and got lost several times then retired to bed.

Infantry A.S.C Machine Gun

Medical Corp Signals Mauretania

Ordinance Division Cavalry Artillery Engineers

Nieuw Amsterdam

Click here for diary entry for Monday April 7th & Tuesday April 8th 1941



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