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Grandad's WWII Diary

Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday 25th June – Tuesday 29th June 1943

June 25 - 29

Click here for entry for Saturday 19th June – Thursday 24th June 1943

Friday June 25

Day 810

This morning went for breakfast – immediately afterwards four of us walked along canal until 9.30AM.  In afternoon usual swim. Much traffic passing through canal – especially invasion boats & barges – seems likely something will soon happen.  Evening short stroll along canal.

Saturday June 26

Day 811

Just another day – swimming etc.  Played cards during evening then guard.

Sunday June 27

Day 812

Washing etc in morning.  Swim afterwards.  Pipe band at hospital marching & playing for the patients.  Evening began writing.

Monday June 28

Day 813

Orders issued for everyone be able to swim – amazing number that cannot do same.  Beautiful day at canal – hardly a ripple. Still many boats passing through – showing benefit of Tunisia campaign these day.  Finished writing at night.

 Tuesday June 29

Day 814

Arose about nine – after toilet played crib. Passed swimming list in afternoon – really very simple.  Large convoy from Helwan arrived tonight – majority A.P.R’s – keeping Helwan free while Div. is at Maadi.   Defenses on canal nearing completion – search lights having try out during night.


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6 thoughts on “Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday 25th June – Tuesday 29th June 1943

  1. A special “thank you” to Grandad for his firsthand story of the War. I look forward to the next six months of 1943.

    Posted by wfdec | January 2, 2016, 1:31 am
  2. Reblogged this on 14 Weeks Worth of Socks and commented:

    Today I dragged out Grandad’s Diary thinking its “been a while” since I last time I posted an entry, it was a year ago today. Guess that proves 2016 was a busy year. So moving into 2017 lets see how much of this I can transcribe. Still loads of photos and entries to go. Happy New Year.

    Posted by The Sock Mistress | January 1, 2017, 1:53 pm


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