Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday 30th June – Sunday 4th July 1943


Click here for entry for Friday 25th June – Tuesday 29th June 1943

Wednesday June 30

Day 815

Usual swimming etc during day – received Patriotic parcel & cigarettes – large convoy of troop ships passing on way to Port Said. – ships fully loaded – seems likely new operation nearing time.  In evening dramatic play held in canteen by visiting artists – entitled “Dangerous Hour” rather good and a change from usual line of entertainment.

Thursday July 1st

Day 816

Convoys still passing in canal – since yesterday over fifty ships filled with troops gone through.  In evening took hand-grenade over to Sweet Water Canal – concussion killed one large fish – weighting over seven pounds – ate some for supper.

Friday July 2

Day 817

Just the usual day – swimming etc.  Convoy still passing – warships etc today.  In evening social & dance in Nurses canteen to welcome Colonel* and Matron**.  Social good but dance very poor – only few sisters & nurses attended.

* The previous Colonel had died

** The previous Matron returned home

Saturday July 3

Day 818

Did not swim today – feeling a little crook (unwell) – slept in afternoon instead – at night walked about four-miles along canal to No1 Indian Hosp. calling in at Army Hut on return trip.

 Sunday July 4

Day 819

Washing etc in morning.  Had swim afternoon – passed list* easily – convoy slackened down – only three passed while over there.

* orders were received a few weeks prior that all soldiers must be able to swim


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