Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 4th November – Monday 9th November 1942

Nov 4-9

Click here for entry for Monday 26th October – Tuesday 3rd November 1942

Wednesday November 4

Day 578

Moving out of hospital tomorrow to staging camp for few days.  Saw pictures at night.

Thursday November 5

Day 579

Shift cancelled another day.  Foot hasn’t improved in the slightest.

Friday November 6

Day 580

Passed in hospital blues and drew kit.  Received my German bayonet which I passed in on arriving at hospital.  Issued with Tommy great-coat.  Paraded for discharge at 2.30PM.  Shifted to ???-Hag(?) staging camp (a camp where everyone is collected together to go somewhere else) – six miles from hospital.  Ground exceptionally rough – moving us on as soon as possible.  Food a little better than hospital.

Saturday November 7

Day 581

Left camp at 2.30PM on route to Maadi.  Taken to ??? station in ambulance.  Catching train at 3PM – arriving Cairo 6PM.  Waited two hours for transport to take us to Maadi arriving there at 9PM.  Received meal at base reception.

Sunday November 8

Day 582

Saw M.O. setting another new heel then to Con. Camp.  Met W. Morris, J Olsen(?).  Received base kit & valise (small suitcase or travelling kit) – most of gear still in it.  Wrote at welfare centre at night.

Monday November 9

Day 583

Leaving for Con. Camp.   Issued with battle dress & winter gear.  Had to take all gear to Con. Depot.  Kit-bag included.  Left Maadi at 5PM for Cairo Station.  Train departing at 6.30PM arriving at Kantara West at midnight.  Crossed canal by barge – terrible struggle with gear.  Left Kantara East a 2AM crossing Palestine border at 9AM.

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  1. Day 580 you had dress ? kit. should read and drew kit. In the army you go to the store and ‘withdraw’ your belongings. shortened over a million years to “draw belongings or entitlements.
    He then moved to a ???Hag ‘staging’ camp. This is a camp where everyone is collected together to go somewhere else.

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