(Not) Burmese cats – Myanmar

As the slave to two elderly Burmese cats I was curious before our trip to Myanmar as to whether if we’d see any.  Originally the breed was likely brought from Thailand in the 18th century and the cats were kept by royalty.  Over the 100 years or so, with turmoil in Myanmar, the breed became lost and the only known ones were those living in western countries.  Recently the cats have been reintroduced to Myanmar and are being breed at Inle Lake from imported cats from the UK and Australia.

So the “Burmese” cats in the photos below are just your average moggies we saw travelling around Myanmar.  Sweet none the less…

P1220074 P1220132 P1220426 P1220613 P1220614 P1220615 P1220619 P1220757



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