Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday 10th November – Monday 16th November 1942

Nov 10-16

Click here for entry for Wednesday 4th November – Monday 9th November 1942

Tuesday November 10

Day 584

Travelled in train all day.  Fruit on orange groves turning slightly golden.  Reached Hygheria(?) at 5.30PM then proceeded by bus to Con. Camp.

Wednesday November 11

Day 585

Little Man What Now (1934)
Little Man What Now (1934)

M.O inspection  Had walking iron fixed to plaster.  Camp very full – believe to be over 1500 here.  Drafted into B Company – handy to cook house etc on account of plaster.  Excused standing in queue.  Naafi concert at night – reserved seats.  Not as good as previous concerts.

Thursday November 12

Day 586

Wrote home during morning.  Slept in afternoon.  Excused all parades.  Food very good.  Pictures at night “Now Little Man – What Now”.

The Duke of West Point (1938)
The Duke of West Point (1938)

Friday November 13

Day 587

Again spent morning writing.  Flies rather terrible – only rest during day is under fly net.  Pictures at night “Duke of West Point”.  Good show.

Saturday November 14

Day 588

Received first mail for seven weeks – 3 letters.  Terrible lot missing.  Visited pictures again at night.

Sunday November 15

Day 589

Received parcels from home – 1 cake & 2 ???.  No letter mail.  Kiwi concert party at night.  Seats in second row – very good show.

Monday November 16

Day 590

Another parcel from home.  Wrote to Marg.  Played housie-housie (Bingo) at night then pictures “Little Man – What Now?”  Rained heavily during night.  Tents washed out.

Click here for entry for Tuesday 17th November – Monday 23rd November 1942



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