Holy Trinity Cathedral & World War 2 Memorial, Yangon, Myanmar

Right next to the Bogyoke Aung San Market (aka Scott Market) on Bogyoke Aung San Road in Yangon is the Holy Trinity Cathedral.   For a predominantly Buddhist country, in this area of Yangon, there are actually a number of Churches, Mosques and a Hindu Temple.

We visited on a Friday morning, and it appeared they were setting up for a wedding later in the day out in the grounds, so we had the inside of the Cathedral mostly to ourselves.  It was a beautiful church to sit and cool off and admire the beautiful stained glass.

The cathedral was completed in 1894 and is on Yangon City’s Heritage List.  It was designed by Robert Chisholm, a Madras-based architect with the hot and humid climate in mind.

As we’d been to a number of pagodas and temples in Myanmar, and since this was on our last day of our trip, we thought we’d even the religion out a bit with a touch of Anglican/Christianity for good measure.P1230058 P1230061 P1230063 P1230065

Many allied troops died in Myanmar during World War 2, mostly British and Indian nationals. The memorial chapel is dedicated “to the memory of the men and women of many races and religions who fell while fighting with the XIV Army, and with other British and Allied Forces during the Burma Campaign, 1942-1945”.  Remembrance plaques for the different companies line the walls of the chapel.

The next three photos are just a small handful of the memorial plaques.

P1230079 P1230080 P1230081

The remembrance book has a page turned each day with the names on it.


P1230083 P1230087 P1230092 P1230093 P1230094 P1230095 P1230096 P1230097




  1. My Grandfather is listed on the memorial – E Sullivan killed in an air crash over Burma on 6 Sep 1945, it’s on the 4th face you photographed. I would love to visit one day. No-one from my family has ever visited the cathedral, the Rangoon memorial where he is also listed, or Thanbuyuzat cemetery where the victims, we believe, are buried in ‘unknown’ graves.

  2. Hello,
    Very much a long shot, but does anyone know an email address to contact the cathedral in regard to a marriage record? My grandfather got married here in 1939 but I am unable to find a way of contacting them. Thanks!

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