Update – my wear-once-leave-behind Myanmar wardrobe

If there is one thing I have learnt after all my years of travel it’s that the reality of coming home is laundry. Nothing gives that “holiday is over” feeling more than piles of dirty clothing, well than and the minute you walk into work…

So one of the things I often do, as I mentioned in a previous post, before travelling to Myanmar, was my wear-once-and-leave wardrobe.

This worked surprisingly well on this trip. I wore most of the items I took with me and discarded them along the way, either during the heat of the day I’d leave my second layer somewhere convenient, or upon checkout, we’d leave a nearly folded pile of clothing on the rubbish bin at the hotel.

Although most Myanmar people, especially the women, don’t wear a lot of western style clothing, I am fairly sure that these items will likely find a new owner or be repurposed into a new garment, perhaps for a child.

The other huge advantage for me, was that my suitcase came home virtually empty, so very little laundry! Mission successful.

My discarded long sleeve blue t-shirt
A neat pile of unwanted clothing upon checkout of our hotel
Another pile of unwanted clothing on a hotel bin
A row of laundry on the fence behind me – thats my discarded black and white top on the far left of the fence




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