Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday 18th February (cont.) – Monday 22nd February 1943

Feb 18-22 1943

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Dick Tracy's G-Men (1939)
Dick Tracy’s G-Men (1939)

… groves and then continued through the village.  Pictures at night “Dick Tracy’s  G-Men”.  Terrible performance.

Friday Feb 19

Day 685

Too wet for training in open so retired to empty hut for morning course.  In afternoon paraded before Major Knight and filled in papers for boarding.  Asked a lot of questions but told nothing.

Saturday Feb 20

Day 686

Just check parade in morning then free for rest of day.  In afternoon visited “Jewish Girls Training Farm” just outside Hasdera.  Rained most of time so unable to view farm properly but seemed very interesting.  Girls spend generally two years here – first six months is spent in all kinds of work then onwards whichever type they prefer.  Have only 10 acres but keep cows, poultry etc.  Also nursery for plants.  Poultry is worked on the Electric Light system.  Great entertainment while we were there as 40 refugee children from Poland and Russia arrived to stay for several months.

Sunday Feb 21

Day 687

Chad Hanna (1940)
Chad Hanna (1940)

Church parade during morning.  Received two tobacco parcels & also one ??? parcel.  Wrote in afternoon.  Pictures at night.

Monday Feb 22

Day 688

Paraded before Col. Noah(?) & Major Longy for further boarding but still do no know the result.  Believe will be returning to Maadi later this week.  Continued writing then pictures “Chad Hanna”.  Henry Fonda & Dot (Dorothy) Lamour.

Click here for entry for Tuesday 23rd February – Saturday 27th February 1943


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