Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday 22nd February – Thursday 26th February 1942

Feb 22 - 26

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Sunday February 22nd

322nd Day

Another beautiful sunny day. Wore shorts for first time since November.  Afternoon saw mine laying down.  Much air activity.  Many Jerry planes overhead throughout day,  Sky crossed with white fumes from planes due to atmosphere conditions.  Several dog fights but far too high to see only hear guns & cannons firing.  Jerry planes over very low at night.

Monday February 23rd

323rd Day

Continued laying land mines around perimeter of battalion area.  Putting them in very close together and (in?) eight rows.  Small air activity.  Sounded like tank battle raging in late afternoon.  Tobruk heavily bombed – sky absolutely dotted with ack-ack.

Tuesday February 24th

324th Day

Started on wiring area around company for mine field. Terrific dust storm sprang up & visibility nil.  Two Jerry planes over early morning otherwise quiet on account of storm.  Wind made it very trying day.

Wednesday February 25th

325th Day

Weather cleared turning into a beautiful sunny day.  Worked most of day on weapon pits wearing just shorts.  Finished wiring sides of mine field along road.  Few enemy craft over during morning.  Heard heavy rumble of bombs late afternoon.  Four Free French killed at night dismantling an Iti mortar bomb.

Thursday February 26th

326th Day

Compressor & drill finally turned up for weapon pits.  Blasted in many places but mostly broke down sides of trenches.  Jerry plane brought down in dog fight.  Windy Day.

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