Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday 27th February – Sunday 1st March 1942

Feb 27- Mar 1

Click here for entry for Sunday 22nd February – Thursday 26th February 1942

Friday 27th February

327th Day

Jerry planes active from early morning.  Two unknown planes brought down in dog fights – fights to high to recognise.  Continued digging pits.  Another beautiful day.  Played cards in evening.

Saturday 28th February

328th Day

Awakened by terrific machine gunning and ack-ack fire.  Eighteen Jerry planes attacked ??? drome and surrounding area.  Planes diving at ack-ack positions got one dump.  Shrapnel from ack-ack dropping around us.  For a half hour it was hell.  Finished wiring land mine area 3 rows of ??? wire.  Rained heavily during afternoon.    ________ got case of whisky from Tobruk – boys had wonderful time.  Tobruk raided heavily at night.  Enemy planes also overhead.

Sunday 1st March

329th Day

 Out across desert in salvage trip.   Found a “Bardia Bill” ??? of gun, also a Stuka – only been down a while – ashes around engine still warm – most of the parts had been removed.  Continued across desert then to Tobruk.  Please at seeing garrison. Buildings shattered to pieces – all of stone pure white.  ______ ships laying sunk in harbour.  2 working.  Would be great place in peace time.  Tobruk heavily fortified – ack-ack around perimiter.  Many Jerry naval guns mounted also one mess of wire.  Big cemetery across bay overlooking town.  Returned to El Adem drome – deposited salvage then to camp.  Heard that all air-mail had been stopped.  Seven Free French had refused to work in wire under guard next to our tent.  Complained about their food – wanted oranges and bananas on menu instead of bully & biscuits.

Click here for diary entry for Friday 27th February – Sunday 1st March 1942



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