Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday March 2nd – Saturday March 7th 1942

Mar 2 - Mar 7Click here for diary entry for Friday 27th February – Sunday 1st March 1942

Monday 2nd March

330th Day

Continued digging weapon pits.  Small air activity – few Jerry planes over.  Free French held court marshal during afternoon – one Nigger given 20 years, anothers 5 each.  Played cards in evening.  Planes over again at dusk.

Tuesday 3rd March

331st Day

Recevied another T.E.T needle.  Arm rather sore.  Another T.A.B during afternoon.  Little sleep during night, arms very painful.

(most likely tetanus and typhoid vaccines)

Wednesday 4th March

332nd Day

Arms still painful.  Major-General Ritchie inspected positions.  Finishing doing camouflage of positions.  Little air activity. Teamed with rain in afternoon – most of the boys tents flooded – especially those that are living in holes.

 Thursday 5th March

333rd Day

Continued raining early morning.  Weater pouring down gully onto Free French positions – see many bailing out their dugouts.  A little came in one end of our crib wetting blankets.

Friday 6th March

334th Day

Rain cleared away.  Continued ??? wiring fence across Free French valley.  Intense bombing through night – believe to be Tobruk.  Explosions shaking crib.

Saturday 7th March

335th Day

Finished the wiring.  Had small routine march around battalion area.  Tobruk getting heavily raided.  Towards late afternoon huge column of smoke over horizon by Tobruk – covered whole sky.  Looks as if Jerry go some oil plant.

Click here for diary entry for Sunday March 8th – Friday March 13th


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