Getting a shuttle to/from Dunedin airport – and the police…

Dunedin Airport is around 30km from the city of Dunedin and it’s probably one of the few international airports (I’m guessing) that doesn’t have a cheap public transport option to get you from the airport to the city or back again.

While I’ve been working in Dunedin for the last 3 weeks I have been using a shared ride shuttle to get to and from the airport.  These are around $20-$30 each way dependant on which company you choose, if you pay cash, use a taxi charge card or credit card, or book online.

Of the 3 times I have returned to the airport, in 2 of these instances we have been stopped by the police – this is with two entirely different shuttle companies.

The first time was due to the shuttle having the back window smashed out and apparently a broken light on the back.  The police escorted us to the airport, so myself and the other passenger could make our flights, then literally ordered this van off the road once we got to the airport.  Not a professional look for the company having an unsafe and illegal vehicle on the road.  I decided I wouldn’t use this particular company again.

Then it happened again.   Lights, pull over… WTF, are you kidding me?  This time was due to the driver speeding.  He was doing 105km/hr in a 100km zone – but the shuttle had a trailer which meant the maximum speed limit is 90km/hr.  Purely driver error and perhaps a lapse in concentration, but as a professional driver, they should be taking more care.

So what are your options when travelling to/from Dunedin Airport?

  • Shuttle – $20-$30 and you get to meet your local Dunedin police force…
  • Get a taxi – I believe these cost around $80, but that will be dependent on exactly where you are going – traffic isn’t really a major issue for a small city like Dunedin unless you happen to hit event traffic
  • Rent a car – probably better if you need it for more than just getting to town, but if you plan on staying a few days for sightseeing, its a good option
  • Get a lift with a friend – probably not suitable for most, but if you know someone in Dunedin, maybe ask – they are a friendly and obliging bunch 😉

Once you are in Dunedin city itself, it’s an easily walkable city.  It’s not that large and most tourist things in the city are close to each other.  If you are planning to go out to the peninsula or further afield you may wish to consider renting a car or doing organised tours that include transport.

I have another few weeks travelling back and forth.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!




      • It varies depending on the size of car you get and how long you have it for etc. there are also weekend deals, but I usually booked with Thrifty on a corporate rate and the smallest car for just one day was about $90 including all the airport charges, and you could drop it back to the airport when you leave. Or they do have a depot in town if you want to leave it there.

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