Grandad’s WWII Diary – Sunday March 8th – Friday March 13th 1942

Mar 8 - Mar 13 Click here for diary entry for Monday March 2nd – Saturday March 7th 1942

Sunday March 8th

336th Day

No 8 & 9 platoons out on manoeuvres with Bren ???.  Enemy planes over all day ack-ack kept them high.  Returned to camp at 4.30pm.  Played cards during evening.  Tobruk still getting hell.  Speaking to a Free French – was at Tobruk on Saturday – oil tanker sunk – another wreck in harbour.

Monday March 9th

337th Day

Another sunny day.  Free morning.  Continued digging on slit trenches & weapon pits.  Many enemy planes overhead during day.  Shrapnel from ack-ack landing around positions.

Tuesday March 10th

338th Day

Filling sand bags for weapon pits.  Afternoon went in car to well for washing water – situated by El Adem drome.  Planes again over at intervals.

Wednesday March 11th

339th Day

Still on the usual filling sand bags & lining weapon pits.  Washed all dirty clothes and had a bath.  In afternoon on wriring ??? & double apron fence.  Area becoming one mass of barb wire.

Thursday March 12th

340th Day

Continued on slit trenches. Much air activity and ack-ack.  Four unknown planes brought down in dog-fight.  All crashed over horizon.

Friday March 13th

341st Day

Small routine march in morning.  Sand bagging trenches.  Weather very warm.  Flies coming around.

Click here for diary entry for Monday March 2nd – Saturday March 7th 1942



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