Skagway, Alaska – Gold rush cemetery

After we finished our walking tour which I blogged about here and here, we returned to the ship for lunch and a bit of a sit down before heading back through town to visit the Gold rush cemetery. Lets just say that the 30-45 minute walk took us more like 45-60 minutes. If I was walking on my own I would have done it quicker but had to take it at a slightly slower pace due to walking with Mum.

I’d recommend taking the time to read the sign when you arrive, it talks about some of the people buried in the cemetery.  Many bodies are in unmarked graves or graves with markers that say “unknown”.  Some known Skagway residents of the gold rush era have well marked and elaborate graves.

We saw some tourists had rented bikes and this would have been a much better option than walking.

There are public toilets at the cemetery car park which are long drop style – and they have hand sanitiser for when you are done – this should be in all public toilets!

A short distance further through the cemetery are the Lower Reid Falls – this is worth the very short walk to have a look – it’s very pretty.

There were a couple of other museums in town which we had planned to visit but in the end we simply ran out of time in the day.

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