Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday 11th February – Monday 16th February 1942

Feb 11 - 16

Click here for diary entry for Thursday 5th February – Tuesday 10th February 1942

Wednesday February 11th

311th Day

Early reveille – struck tents at 9AM.  Packed gear.  Sand storm blew up during morning.  Had to stay out in it all day.  Very annoying.  Early tea.  Transport came at 6PM to convoy us 5 miles to railway (???).  In same wagons as before, 27 in each.  Train pulled out at midnight.

Thursday February 12th

312th Day

When dawn broke, outside barracks at Moascar (Ismailia).  Travelled to Tanta then headed westwards to Amyria at which we arrived at 6PM where we received a meal.  Travelled on again all night unable to get any sleep – far too cramped.

Friday February 13th

313th Day

Still heading westward – boys took 4 cases of oranges off station at ??? ???.  Journey getting most tiring.  Arrived at ??? ??? at 6.30PM where transport met us taking us 10 miles clear of rail.  Bedded down for night.  Nearing Libyan border – different route to last time going up.

Saturday February 14th

314th Day

Moved on again at 8AM in desert formation.  Heading westwards. Went through wire crossing border at 4PM and kept on at midnight.  Boys very tired.

Sunday February 15th

315th Day

Arose at 5.30AM.  Breakfast and off again at 8 o’clock.  Travelled towards El Gubi (Bir El Gubi) – many destroyed tanks and transport on way.  Saw unknown plane crash in distance – down by ack-ack fire.  Passed through corridor and had meal at El Adem.  Stayed night.

Monday February 16th

316th Day

Moved onwards 12 miles west of El Adem.  Very near drome (aerodrome means small airport).  Several Jerry planes over during day.  Bombs fell on drome damaging 4 Hurricanes & injuring 3 men.  Plenty ack-ack.  Camped alongside Free French – ack-ack section.  Began digging weapon pits.  Terrible hard ground.  Planes over during night otherwise quiet.  Heard Singapore had fallen.

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday 17th February – Saturday 21st February 1942



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