Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday 5th February – Tuesday 10th February 1942

Feb 5 - 10

Click here for diary entry Saturday 31st January – Wednesday 4th February 1942

Thursday February 5th

305th Day

Had daylight assault attack.  A Company (23rd Battalion) leaving ship at 11AM.  Ship lying about mile off short.  23 battalion stayed on beach unloading ships as they pulled in.  Main reason for manovouver to get the time taken.  Slept ashore at night very cold with one blanket and overcoat.

Friday February 6th

306th Day

Loaded up ships again – this being done in record time.  Returned to Marguerite at 1.30PM.  Heard that night landing was cancelled.  On guard aboard ship.  On main bridge.  2 hours on, 4 hours off.

Saturday February 7th

307th Day

Did guard 12-2AM.  Did 1 hour each and had lovely hot bath.  Guard again at 6-8AM.  Slipped cable at 6.15AM and headed back towards canal reaching entrance at 7.30AM.  Passed through cutting and into Bitter Lake arriving off Kibrit at 11AM.  Had meal before going ashore at 12.30PM.  Brought ashore on M.L.C and then transport brought us to camp.  No march on arriving.  Early to bed.

Sunday February 8th

308th Day

Church parade.  New Brigadiere spoke.  Told us that we would be returning into the ??? again.  Very disappointed after hearing so many ??? of returning home.  Received air mail.  Slept during afternoon.  Wrote at night.

Monday February 9th

309th Day

No parades – getting gear packed in readiness of shifting – believe it will be tomorrow.  Wrote during evening.  Hear that there is big ??? in Cairo – 6th brigade standing by.

Tuesday February 10th

310th Day

Battalion parade. Practice pack.  Marched down to Kibrit in afternoon & had a lovely hot shower – weather getting terribly hot during day. Too hot for battle dress.  A Torrens(?) went back to Maadi.

Click here for entry for Wednesday 11th February – Monday 16th February 1942



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