Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday May 8th (cont.) – Tuesday May 13th 1941

May 9th - May 13th

Click here for diary entry for Sunday May 4th – Thursday May 8th 1941

Aren't Men Beasts
Aren’t Men Beasts Movie Poster

… manoeuvres with convoy and laid a small smoke screen.  Also lit a smoke bomb.  The Aquitania fired a ships rocket at dusk and had more manoeuvres.  Clock back another half hour.  Went to pictures and saw “Aren’t Men  Beasts” in Officers Lounge.  Very cool in lounge.

Friday May 9th

34th Day

Ordinary routine in morning.  Saw picture “Big City” afternoon.  Practiced action stations.  Clocks back another 1/2 hour.  Sea calm.

Saturday May 10th

35th Day

Queen Mary passed us on the starboard side.  Believed to have prisoners on board.  Also passed two freighters. Sighted two dhows on the horizon.  Saw a few sea gulls.  Are either near land or in a shipping lane.  Saw some little black fish leaping out of the water.  Sea very calm.

Have passed into Red Sea.  Queen Elizabeth passed at 7PM also many cargo boats.

Ships had manoeuvres.  Mauretania made a complete circle.  Forward life boat hanging over side in readiness.  Convoy does not stay in same formation long.  Have seen various islands on both sides.  Wonderful moonlit night.

Sunday May 11th

36th Day

Passed many steamers.  Wrote most afternoon.  Passed in candles(?)  Sea still calm.  Saw my first dhow.

Monday May 12th

37th Day

Did relief guard.  Packed kit ready to disembark in morning.  Cleaned our cabin.  Ships still passing.

Tuesday May 13th

38th Day

Pulled into Suez 6AM. Harbour absolutely filled with steamers.  Many more than in Colombo.  Anchored in stream with Ile de France, Aquitania (Mauretania)…

Click here to read diary entry for Tuesday May 13th (cont.) – Friday May 16th 1941



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