Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday 6th March – Wednesday 10th March 1943

Mar 6-10 1943

Click here for entry for Sunday 28th February – Friday 5th March 1943 

Saturday March 6

Day 700

Again on Officers Mess.  While playing cards in afternoon Jim came to see me.  Caught transport in and only had about one hour together – meeting in Cairo on Monday.  At night after fatigues wrote in Church Army Hut.  Weather during day becoming warmer but cold at night.

Sunday March 7

Day 701

Looks as if fatigue in Officer’s Mess is permanent.  Church parade in morning.  Afternoon went down to Maadi Sports Club to see hockey match between ??? & Indians but unfortunately postponed.  Continued writing at night in Church Army Hut.

Monday March 8

Day 702

Federal Man Hunt (1938)
Federal Man Hunt (1938)

On Officer’s Mess during morning.  Afternoon leave to Cairo to meet Jim.  Arrived much earlier than he – owing to being held up at Nile Bridge.  Talked in club then walked around Cairo returning to bar in evening.  Later looked into Cabaret ??? ???.  Parted at 10PM for camp.

Tuesday March 9

Day 703

Officers Mess again during day.  At night pictures at Pall Mall –  “Federal Man Hunt”.

Horror Island (1941)
Horror Island (1941)

Wednesday March 10

Day 704

Still on fatigues in Officer’s Mess.  Changing fatigues tomorrow so will most probably be last day.  At night watched Table Tennis Tournament at YMCA between Maadi Camp & Middle East Regional School then to Shafto’s – “Horror Island” “The Girl in the News”


The Girl in the News (1940)
The Girl in the News (1940)
Click here for diary entry for Thursday 11th March – Sunday 14th March 1943



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