Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday October 30th – Tuesday November 4th 1941

Oct 30-Nov 4

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

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Thursday October 30th

208th Day

Went to Maadi picking up camera.  Strolled around Cairo.  Andy Hardy meets Debutante at night.  Five different languages on screen. Greek, French, Arabic, Egyptian.  Spoken in English.

Friday October 31st

209th Day

Visited Tombs of Caliphs(?) & bazaars.  Went by train and buggy.  Tombs have wonderful decorations.  Roof inlaided with gold.  Panels on wall – mother of pearl.  Windows coloured stones.  Floors great slabs of marble.  Stayed by Club at night looking for New boys (NZ boys?).

Saturday November 1st

210th Day

Went to Heliopolis in morning.  Lovely clean ???.  Seems all to be fairly new buildings.  Saw some gardens – but wrong time for flowers.  Visited one of the many caberets.  Fairly rough show.

Sunday November 2nd

211th Day

Visited Citadel, Blue, Ali Bey, Alabaster Mosque.  Climbed up on time over 300ft.  Wonderful sight of Cairo.  Parts of Citadel & Mosques are beautiful.  Took a few snaps.  Pictures at night.

For photos most likely taken on this day, please click here.

Monday November 3rd

212nd Day

Returned camera to Maadi.  Not too good wog driving(?).  Bought Xmas presents to send home.  Looked in at night Club then to train which left at 12.30AM.  Many troops returning but luckily able to get seats.  Dozed during train journey.

Tuesday November 4th

213th Day

Train pulled into Sidi ??? at 3.30PM.  Lorries meeting us, bringing us back to camp.  Messed and then to bed.  Enemy planes over during night – few bombs dropped on drome.

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