Grandad’s WWII Diary – Wednesday August 20th 1941 – Monday August 25th 1941

August 20-25, 1941

Click here for diary entry for Friday August 15th 1941 – Tuesday August 19th 1941

Wednesday August 20th

137th Day

Marched to aerodrome and took up positions in case of invasion by paratroops.  Drome only about 1/2 mile from camp.  ??? and parade in afternoon.  Early to bed.

Thursday August 21st

138th Day

Returned to El Kebrit this time in the sheds loading tea & flour.  Much cooler working in shade.  Shed crammed full with supplies. Was told that before Jerry started to raid Ismailia 3500 wogs worked in ??? now less than 1000.  Jerry bombed heavily again at night.

Friday August 22nd

139th Day

Went for 10 mile march along the Canal area.  Had swim on return journey at lovely little beach.  Steamer ??? in harbour blown in half.  King ____ yacht also anchored near wharf.  Saw a number of small yachts.

Saturday August 23rd

140th Day

Returned again to El Kebrit and stacked more wood.  Returned soon after 6 o’clock.  Planes came of (sic) over at night no bombs dropped near.

Sunday August 24th

141st Day

Breakfast reveille – boys missed church parade.  Worked at dump again this time stocking straw.  My worse day there.  Straw stuck and irritated terribly when you sweated.  In camp again by 5.30PM.  Early to bed.  No air raid.

Monday August 25th

142nd Day

Leave all day.  Hired bicycles and toured Ismailia.  Has some lovely parks.  European quarter good.  Wog part mostly deserted. Took various snaps.  Went through cemetery – three parts.  English, French & Italian and Arabic.  Many graves of NZ op.  1914-1918.  Some very elaborate tombs.  Date palms not yet ripe.  Returned to camp at 5.30PM.  Bicycles cost 8 ??? for day.  Air raid warden at night.  Alarm went but no planes came over.

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday August 26th 1941 – Sunday August 31st 1941



    • So do I and its really sparked my interest in NZ’s involvement in the second world war. So much so that I am currently reading a book about NZ soldiers experiences in North Africa. Its answered a lot of my questions and confirmed some of my translations which I have guessed at are indeed correct.

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