Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday April 12th (cont.) – Thursday April 17th 1941

Diary - two pages

Click here for diary entry for Friday April 11th (cont.) and Saturday April 12th

Quite a number of flying boats flown over us. Four at a one time. Convoy in line formation Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Mauretania, Nieuw Amsterdam, Ile de France. Biggest convoy in ??? ever to have left Australia. ??? were distributed. Saw our first whale spouting this afternoon. Passed 4 coastal boats. Saw my first whale off about ½ mile from ship. Clocks went back 1 hour.

Sunday April 13th Easter Sunday

8th Day

Went to church in morning. Very thick fog came up in afternoon for about 3 hours.

Lifted and convoy well out of formation. Ile de France well behind us. Waited for her.

Monday April 14th Easter Monday

9th Day

Did ordinary routine day. Had rifles given to us. Put back clocks another hour. Sea lit up with phosphorus looked lovely.

Tuesday April 15th

10th Day

Sea came up very rough during night. Cannot stand on weather deck. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary throwing about this ???. Too windy to drill up on decks.

Wednesday April 16th

11th Day

7.30am sighted land. Sighted land. Looks as if it is going to be lovely day. Had leave from 3pm-12pm. Fremantle and ??? to Perth. Terrible train service. Perth is large place but has not many skyscrapers. Forty minutes from Fremantle to Perth. Could use our own money. Sent Marg stockings and letter. Mima, Marg & Ma.

Thursday April 17th

12 Day

Showery in morning. Got leave again from 2pm-12pm. Again went straight to Perth. Went through “London Court”. Sent postcards of Perth and Fremantle. The Swan River at night ??? lovely…

Click here for diary entry for Thursday April 17th (cont.) – Tuesday April 22nd 1941



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