Grandad’s WWII Diary – Photos of Alexandria 1943

In my Grandfather’s diary entries from Tuesday 27th April – Friday 30th April 1943 and Friday 30th April – Monday 3rd May 1943, he wrote of his leave in Alexandria.  These photos were possibly taken during this period of leave.  The caption to the photos is what he had written on the back of them.

King Fouad Avenue - Alexandria
King Fouad Avenue – Alexandria
Abdel Salam Bey Mosque - Alexandria
Abdel Salam Bey Mosque – Alexandria
Egyptian Stadium - Alexandria
Egyptian Stadium – Alexandria
Fouad Street - Alexandria
Fouad Street – Alexandria


  1. Hello Paula!

    I am an Urban Design student in Alexandria working on a site in Fouad Street. Searching for old photographs of my site, I stumbled upon this article and it made my day. The last image on this post is exactly of the site that I am researching. It shows the Cinema Platz complex towards the left edge of the photograph and the Cordahi Complex right beside it.

    It would be amazing if I could have your permission to use this image (or any other you have of these buildings) for my project research. I would forever owe you.

    Great article!
    Cheers. 🙂

    • Hi Anandit! I’m thrilled you found it and yes please do go ahead and use the photos for your project. I’m delighted that my Grandad’s memories can be of use to you. Thank you for asking!

      I have loads more photos still to post, I haven’t had time to complete the project of transcribing the diary but I will get back to it sometime 🙂


    • Anandit,
      This is a massive long shot considering your post is over 4 years old! But I came across it while googling ‘Alexandria WW2’. I am going through my fathers WW2 papers and came across a restaurant flyer for ‘Restaurant Rio, Safia Zaghloul Street, No 49, Alexandria’. Do you know if any pictures exist of the Street from around 1943, or either side of this date?

      • Hi Lionel, I must first say how delighted I was to get your message. Sorry for the delay replying. Unfortunately most of my Grandfather’s photos only have the briefest description. I have checked all that are listed as Alexandria and don’t find any of the restaurant or the street you have mentioned. I wish you all the very best in your search. I haven’t fully completed the project of my posting my grandfather’s diary but I’ll keep you in mind if I stumble across anything that might be of interest. Best wishes, Paula.

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