Grandad’s WWII Diary – Saturday 3rd January – Sunday 11th January 1942

Jan 3-11

Click here for diary entry for Thursday December 25th 1941 (cont.) – Friday January 2nd 1941

Saturday January 3

273rd Day

Weather terribly cold & miserable – getting fed up.  Continued writing.  Saw ? ???.  J Northcott admitted to hospital with poisoned arm.  Shifting camp tomorrow.

Sunday January 4

274th Day

Packed up gear.  Moved to train at 6.30PM.  Embarked at 9PM in patrol wagon.  Very cold & uncomfortable – travelled all night.

Monday January 5

275th Day

Breakfast at El Amyria.  Passed many swamps with ducks on.  Boys opened up with Bren, Tommies and Rifles.  Saw glimpse of Alexandria.  Travelling towards Cairo – branched off and stopped at Zagazig for one hour.  Arrived at ??? at 1.30AM.

Tuesday January 6

276th Day

Motor transport convoyed us to Kibrit – same as last time.  Terrible sore throat.  Reported to M.O. and sent to 5th Field Hospital with tonsillitis.

Wednesday January 7

277th Day

Still not feeling any too good.  Many coming in with same complaint.  Wrote a little during afternoon.  Very hungry, nothing to eat.  Wireless in tent.

Thursday January 8

278th Day

Feeling much better.  Shifted into another tent.  Wrote.  Received first meal.  Sent Marg NZEF Times.

Friday January 9

279th Day

Much better.  Up during afternoon.  Hoping to return to unit tomorrow.

It's a Wonderful World (1939)
It’s a Wonderful World (1939)

Saturday January 10

280th Day

Left hospital.  Returned to unit.  Heard A ??? in charge of us.  Pictures at night “It’s a Wonderful World“.

Sunday January 11

281st Day

On three days excused duty.  Had got cold shower & washed clothes during day,  Pictures at night.  Reinforcements arrive to battalion.  A ??? Platoon Commander.


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