Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday 24th August – Tuesday 1st September 1942


Aug 24-Sept1

Click here for entry for Tuesday 18th August – Sunday 23rd August 1942

Monday August 24

Day 505

Wrote all morning.  Down on beach.

Tuesday August 25

Day 506

Medical Inspection – B.2 to receive treatment for leg – Heat same as given by Miss Salter(?).  Leg exercises in afternoon & swim.

Wednesday August 26

Day 507

Leg not much better – old complaint back.  Treatment & exercises then swim.

Thursday August 27

Day 508

Leg same as usual – days becoming rather monotonous.

Friday August 28

Day 509

Day passed the same as usual. Wrote to Joan & Gladys.  Pictures at night.

Saturday August 29

Day 510

Down on beach most of day.  Attended Naafi Concert in evening – programme must the same as last concert.

Sunday August 30

Day 511

Church Parade – wrote & swim.  Not so many in camp as when first arrived.

Monday August 31

Day 512

Treatment during morning.  Went into Haifa in afternoon and bought Marg’s present – Blue padded dressing gown. Only spent three hours in town – little time to look around.  being only there between 2&5PM.

Tuesday September 1

Day 513

Send(?) parcel – wrote – usual treatment and swim – leg little easier.

Click here for entry for Wednesday 2nd September – Wednesday 9th September 1942



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