Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday December 19th – Thursday December 25th 1941

Dec 19-25

Click here for diary entry for Sunday December 14th – Thursday December 18th 1941

Friday December 19th

258th Day

Drew water from well & washed clothes.  Wonderful difference with clean clothes on.  First wash they have had in 7 weeks.  Stukas & fighters passed over, otherwise quiet.

Saturday December 20th

259th Day

Part of our attachment moved out (Rifles & anti-tank).  Rest waiting for transport – gone to Tobruk with prisoners.  Little air activity.  ??? ??? 40 planes on ??? drome.  Armoured Div 100 miles from Benghazi.

Sunday December 21st

260th Day

Church parade.  Col. told us  we were returning to Sidi ??? to reorganise.  Waiting for transport.  Drew water from well have lovely bath.  Started letter during afternoon.  Until to ??? ??? as cut off from outside communications.

Monday December 22nd

261st Day

Another quiet day.  Jerry planes over at night.  Dropped a number of flares – believe looking for Gazala aerodrome but were well out.  Flares looked beautiful as they burn & break off.

Tuesday December 23rd

262nd Day

Moved camp.  Travelled 56 miles back towards border with ASG.  Camped by old drome – El ???.  Sand storm blew up during afternoon.

Wednesday December 24th

263rd Day – Xmas Eve

Awaiting orders to move.  Dull day – found wood sat by fire all morning.  Hard wind moving much dust.  Visited old Italian dugouts in afternoon then read.  Rained towards evening.  Great Xmas Eve.  Retired to bed at 6.45PM.

Thursday December 25th

264th Day – Xmas Day

Church in morning.  Cold wind.  Now at El Adem.  Xmas dinner bully, biscuits – ??? & jam.  90 cigarettes, 4 chocolate.

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