Grandad’s WWII Diary – Monday September 1st 1941 – Monday September 8th 1941

September 1-8, 1941

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Monday September 1st

149th Day

Cleaned up camp.  Passed in base kit.  Rest of day free.  No planes over at night.

Tuesday September 2nd

150th Day

Company for Duty.  POW guard.  Left camp at 6AM.  Brought Libyan prisoners back to sand bag packing station.  Returning them at 4PM.  Arrived back in camp 6PM.  Heavy air raid during night.  Plenty ack-ack fire.

Wednesday September 3rd

151st Day

Day free then marched to Moascar Station 5PM.  Trained pulled out 6PM.  Travelled all night – staying at Zagazig (a town) while air raid was on.  Breakfast at El-Amayria.  Train branched off to another line leading westwards.  Travelling all day through desert.

Thursday September 4th

152nd Day

Left train at Alamein at 11AM.  Lorries meeting us and taking us 30 miles inland camping in desert.  In bivouac – two in each.  J Northcott & myself.  Water ration, one water bottle per day.

Friday September 5th

153rd Day

Dug in tents.  Weather very hot.  Water scarce.  Early to bed.

Saturday September 6th

154th Day

Breakfast 7AM.  Went up escarpment and commenced digging tank traps.  Returned for lunch again digging afternoon.  Wrote then bed early.

Sunday September 7th

155th Day

Church parade.  Continued to dig tank traps until 11.30AM.  Returning at 1.30PM until 3.30PM.  Received pay.  Meals much better than back at Moascar Barracks.

Monday September 8th

156th Day

Continued digging starting on weapon pits after style of Tobruk.  Very hot work digging.  Beginning to manage of a water allowance.  Wrote to Marg.

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