Love / Hate Challenge

As the latest round of challenges in the blogging community, I have been nominated by Tonya from fourth generation farmgirl.  Please take time to visit her fantastic blog, the photos are amazing and I always enjoy seeing how someone lives in a completely different environment than mine.

This challenge consists of listing ten things that I love and ten things that I hate, and nominating others to do the same.

Things I love:

1.  Chocolate.

2.  Travel – anywhere, any place.

3.  My doglets – my preciouses.

4.  My work – I’m not kidding, I’m lucky to have a career that I love!

5.  Hanging out at home – complete contrast to #2, but when I’m not travelling, I’m a real homebody.

6.  Summer = warmth, sunshine and salads.

7.  Disney – its my happy place – theme parks, resorts, cruise line… not so much the movies.

8.  Laughing – I can see humour in practically any situation.

9.  Socks – you can never have too many.

10. The Internet – it’s where I live my life.  From paying bills online to communicating with friends, when I don’t have access, its like having a missing limb.

Things I hate:

1.  Poverty – so many live in grinding poverty around the world, when immense wealth is in the hands of other who have more than they need.

2.  Winter – I live too far south, I seriously need to move to somewhere warmer.  Or escape for the winter, one or the other.

3.  Intolerance – if there is one thing I can’t stand, its intolerance 😉

4.  Sexism & racism – to think anyone is less than equal to another due to the colour of their skin or their physical parts is completely inappropriate.

5.  Cruelty to animals – anyone that mistreats an animal deserves the same to be done to them, likewise anyone that abuses a child.

6.  Morons – not those with an intellectual disability, but those who don’t use their brains.

7. Those who don’t take responsiblity for their own actions – if you are an adult, you have no one to blame for your choices and behaviours other than yourself.

8.  Environment apathy – I don’t give a rat’s arse if you “believe” in “global warming” or not.  But you cannot argue with the fact that humans are pillaging, polluting and overpopulating the planet.

9.  Religous nutters – Westboro Baptist Church, ISIS – anyone that kills or incites violence in the name of religion really needs to go back to basics.

10. The media – between lack of investigative journalism, articles that appear to have been written by poorly trained monkeys, compounded with the need to blow things out of proportion and focus on the negative or petty… I won’t read it or watch it.

And my nominees:

I nominate … you.  If you are reading this and want to play along, please do, and then leave a link in the comments below so we can check out your love / hate challenge 🙂



  1. I so agree with your whole “love” list except socks… I love summer because I don’t have to wear them! I also detest people who don’t take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. Now I am off to eat some chocolate, plan my trip and hang with my dog 🙂

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