April Recrap … Frozen still popular and the Qantas meal saga!

Top 5 blog posts in number of views (in reverse order) were as follows –

My second part of the Qantas airline meals saga.

5) Qantas meals – round two… vegetarian or… ?


Practical travel information for those who suffer through long haul flights.

4) 10 essentials on a long haul flight


This one still very popular this month (it was the most popular post in March)

3) Frozen “Let it Go” lyric analysis


Part one of the awful Qantas meals for my recent trip to Hong Kong.

2) Qantas Meals – yuck and yum


And miles ahead of the ones above (much to my surprise) is …

1) Visiting Toitu Otago Settlers Museum (Dunedin, New Zealand)


So what do I have coming up in May?  More of Grandad’s WW2 diary, and a lot more of Hong Kong including Hong Kong Disneyland.  Also the draw for the sock giveaway!


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